Slippery Mah Jongg Table Cover

SKU: A23

It's not that pretty but it works beautifully! You won't believe how the tiles "fly" across the table. The cloth is lined with a thin layer of foam that protects your table and anchors the cloth. Size 34" by 34". It can be trimmed with scissors if it is too large for your table.


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Mah jongg originated in China and is usually played with four competitors.

Though the game incorporates a bit of chance, it furthermore requires skill, strategy and calculation.

The game makes use of 144 tiles with each and every player launching with 13 tiles.

Simples tiles involve dots, bamboo and characters.
Honors tiles consist of Winds and Dragons.
Flowers and Seasons are bonus tiles.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Pat , 08/27/2019

I’ve had three!  Would not be without one!!!!!!

Reviewed by Joy , 11/03/2016

I played on a friend's and couldn't wait to buy one.

Reviewed by Jane , 12/18/2015

Bought one for my Mah Jongg club. Players could not stop raving about how well the tiles glide and how much better it is than felt. Very happy with this mat and am buying 2 more!

Reviewed by Randi , 01/06/2014

This mat is the best accessory you will want to buy with your Mahjongg set purchase. I received it as a gift in blue and love the color but someone spilled coffee on it and the stains won't come out. I suggest purchasing the green one because it's darker.

Reviewed by Penny , 12/07/2012

I love this mat! No matter where we play we use it!The tiles slide they do not make as much noise. the mat stays in place, no bunching table cloths. Truly wonderful!