Wright Patterson Chips


Wright-Patterson 5 Color Opaque Money Chip Package.

The Money Chips are packaged in five colors.
There are 170 chips in each package.
(50 Red, 30 Yellow, 30 Green, 30 White, 30 Blue).

These chips are packaged for the Mah Jongg enthusiasts who play using Wright-Patterson Rules.


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Mahjong began in China and is ordinarily played with four participants.

Though the game incorporates some chance, it likewise requires skill, strategy and calculation.

The game uses 144 tiles having every player beginning with 13 tiles.

Simples tiles include dots, bamboo and characters.
Honors tiles include Winds and Dragons.
Flowers and Seasons are bonus tiles.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Billie , 05/01/2019

These chips are very thin with no ridges. They tend to slip out of your fingers and fly everywhere.  MJ Maven, it would be nice if you would complain to your supplier. I would not recommend these, however, there appears to be no other option.  Not happy with these.