Mah Jongg Money Chips (5 color)

Mah Jongg Money Chips (5 color)

SKU: A12

Mah Jongg money chips are available in packages of five opaque colors. (100 chips to a package)


Also known as mahjong money chips, mah jong money chips, and mah jong money chips. 


Please note:  These are not the chips used to play Wright Patterson Mah Jongg.  For Wright Patterson Chips, click here or here.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Cadigan, 05/11/2016

These are nice coins ...but, a bag of 100 (20 of each color) is  not sufficient to  play Wright  Pat rules.  You would need  to buy 2 bags. It would be nice if you could get them  in the correct amount for WP play.