Diamond Cut Aluminum Carrying Case with Machine Engraved Tiles and Jewel Tone Crystal Racks

SKU: S08
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Upgrade to Racks with attached helping hands:

This set includes the Diamond Cut Aluminum Case with Velour Lining (Item number C08) and your choice of tiles. 

The set includes166 non-fading, engraved & painted Tiles (including 8 "Joker Tiles", 8 extra flower tiles, 2 extra joker tiles, and 4 blank tiles).  Tiles options are white or ivory for the same price or 2 layer for only $10 more.  The color choices for 2 layer tiles are Green or Blue  backed tiles with a white face. 

The set also includes 4 jewel toned crystal racks (item R30) and a bettor, dice, chips and an instruction booklet.   An upgrade to racks with attached helping hands will not include chips in your set. In order to receive the chips, indicate the need in the shipping instructions on the check out page.

The dice that are included with the set measure 5/16 inches.  For a selection of larger dice click here.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Michael , 12/17/2019

OMG!! Just received my gameset... it is totally beautiful, awesome, and inspiring! Can't wait to begin to learn the game..local beginners group meets every Friday..thanks for everything..your product is way beyond my expectations! I don't do Facebook, but you are welcome to put this somewhere, anywhere, in your customer reviews..a definite 10!