Extra-Large Koi Fish Tiles

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These are Our Beautiful Hand-Painted and Hand-engraved 2 Layer Koi Fish tiles, but they are even bigger and easy to read!  Perfect for the Mahj Enthusiast with vision impairments or just someone who loves bigger more beautiful tiles.

Tiles measure 1 3/8 x 15/16 x 1/2 inch.

Please note:  These tiles will only fit in the faux leather or faux suede cases from the Mah Jongg Maven.  They are too large to fit in the standard size trays.

Set has 166 tiles, with matching bettor (upon request in shipping instructions at checkout) and dice. Set includes 8 "Joker Tiles", 4 extra flower tiles, 2 blank tiles, and 8 optional additional "Personalized Joker Tiles".


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mary , 12/04/2021

Everyone that plays with these beautiful, big tiles loves them, including me!  They’re easier to play with and so pretty.

Reviewed by marian w, 01/27/2021

These tiles are amazing! They are beautiful, easy to read, and are not cumbersome to use. I also bought a dark green set of the 4 racks with attached helping hands. They are beautifully matched to this set.