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Black Tiles

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An antique black tiles set was sold for over $1,000 at auction. Ours are "fashioned" like the antique sets. 

Set has 166 tiles, with matching bettor (upon request in shipping instructions at checkout) and dice. Set includes 8 "Joker Tiles", 4 extra flower tiles, 2 blank tiles, and 8 optional additional "Personalized Joker Tiles".

The ink colors are original and primary.  For the original color black tiles the engraving is painted with Rose, Periwinkle Blue and Nile Green.

Tile Dimensions: 1 3/16" high, 7/8" wide, 1/2" deep

We will PERSONALIZE (suggested limit of seven letters) your name or initials on the 8 ADDITIONAL Black "Joker Tiles" at NO EXTRA CHARGE!   Personalized jokers will be written diagonally from top left to bottom right in all capital letters.  For other requests, please call 888-860-1981.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Paula Mack Smith, 02/28/2016

I ordered a black set with primary colors and my friends all raved about it. My house burned down, so I reordered. N problem!

Reviewed by Catherine Harper, 02/24/2016

I purchased the black tile set sometime in early 2015 (best guess) after waiting for the pastel ink option to come back in stock. These pastel colors are my favorite color palette and I have loved playing with this beautiful set, as have my friends. Tonight I came back and ordered the aqua set to kick off our 2016 spring games when the new card arrives. It is a surprise for my group!

Reviewed by Sharon C., 10/31/2014

The black tiles with "pastel" ink are truly stunning. I received my tiles in September, 2014 ... everyone in my Mah Jongg group loves to play with them. They are awesome!

Reviewed by Barbara Simmons, 05/27/2014

I ordered this black tile set with the "pastel" colors and they are gorgeous! This is a wonderful set to play with. They are superb.